MARiS Features

Manage all your commercial shipping activities in one place.

  • Prioritize and keep track of all your current and upcoming shipping requests ensuring successful trading and commercial performance of the fleet.
  • Increase visibility of all your shipping requests to take advantage of every market opportunity.
  • Receive alerts for any open shipping requests to ensure that all transportation requests are completed within contractual agreements.
  • Integrate your CTRM system or any other system with MARiS to automate incoming shipping requests and to streamline operations.
  • Evaluate any request against vessel availability and perform multiple side by side estimations.
  • Compare different shipping routes and scenarios with the most suitable vessels to reduce costs and maximize your profits.
  • Simulate your potential daily TCE and spot price based on different vessel performance scenarios.
  • Conduct what-if scenarios and gain further insights to your shipping opportunities.
  • Calculate voyage estimates to assist with budgeting and preparation of commercial tenders.
  • Facilitate your day-to-day business and commercial performance of your fleet.
  • Form a market view by using MARiS to negotiate rates and fix your vessels, based on market conditions and developments for COA’s, spot and time charters.
  • Manage all your chartering contracts for spot charters, time charters or COA charters.
  • Source the optimal shipping solution for your cargo, maximizing potential earnings in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Perform what-if evaluations side by side for multiple vessels and multiple strategies.
  • Generate what-if portfolios to potentially assess years of voyages on different market conditions and vessel performances.
  • Simulate different strategies and see how changing the values will affect your voyages.
  • Evaluate various vessel and voyage combinations to uncover ideal pairings and to maximize profits.