“Not many software companies provide a system for the complete shipping lifecycle,” he told me. “We are currently developing the solution with a late September launch date already planned.” The solution will be available as a cloud product or on-site implementation. Mr. Novakovic promises a solution that is highly configurable by the customer using scripts to fit the specifics of the user. “We want to offer a version that is truly affordable,” he told me. “As the few solutions out there are really pricey and target only the largest of user companies.”

Known as MARiS, the software will support the complete lifecycle for shipping including planning, chartering, voyage execution, cost automation, accounting, claims, risk and reporting among other functionality. The vision of Singular Point, as stated on its website, is to embrace the maritime logistic challenges into one single suite of software instruments and to provide our customers with the most cost-efficient, cutting-edge and reliable enterprise logistic solution worldwide.

Source: ctrmcenter.com